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Feb 27, 2016 Repairing, Restoring, or Reinstalling Mac OS X Software Repairing, Restoring, or Reinstalling Mac OS X Software If you have a problem with your Mac software or hardware, Mac OS X provides repair and restore utilities that may eliminate problems and can even restore your software to its original factory settings. You can access these utilities from the Mac OS X Utilities application, even if your computer isn't starting up correctly. 57 Chapter 4 mac - What does "Reinstall macOS" do, exactly? - Ask Different

Oct 09, 2016

Sep 08, 2019 How to Recover Your Mac and What to Do If Recovery Fails

Feb 27, 2016

You can choose from: Command + R Will install the latest version installed on your Mac - won’t upgrade you to the latest version. Option/Alt + Command + R Will upgrade you to the latest macOS compatible with your Mac. Note: If you aren’t running Shift + Option/Alt + Command R (if you are running How to install macOS or OS X on a new hard drive for your Mac Sep 06, 2019 How to install a fresh copy of macOS on your Mac | iMore Oct 07, 2019 How to Reinstall OS X Lion: 4 Steps (with Pictures) - wikiHow