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Apr 15, 2010 · The issue of IE 6 deleting your history depends on your settings. You may have your history settings set to keep for less than a day. Go to Tools-> Internet options and look near the bottom for days to keep pages in history and change the values to your satisfaction. Follow these step-by-step instructions to view internet history on Internet Explorer 8. Step 1: Open the browser and click Tools and then Internet Options. Step 2: If there’s a tick in the box next to ‘Delete browsing history on exit’, no information will have been stored. Click in the box to remove the tick – this will ensure that all Depending on the Internet browser you are using, you may follow these steps to view your Internet browsing history. Click on History in toolbar for Mozila. Press Ctrl + Alt + H together for Opera. For Internet Exlorer users, you may press Ctrl + H to view your Internet browsing history. If neither of the steps here work for you, proceed to Step 3 Aug 05, 2014 · When finished the computer will reboot and if check your browser the internet history should be in there. See lost internet history through Desktop search programmes Sometimes though system restore options are disabled. This can happen, for example, if you have a second hand computer that’s had a previous life in a corporate environment. Recover Internet History using Log Files. A look into the log files can also let you recover deleted Internet history. All Windows computers have this file extension that stores arbitrary data, the .DAT extension. In our scenario, the system uses a file called ‘index.dat’, that stores all the information of the operations you have performed.

Mar 09, 2018 · There are two places that are readily availble for browser/connection history…one is the computer you are using and then the other one is the logs on the router. If said other person on the network has access to those logs then the answer is yes.

Enjoy the latest headlines while you access Cox webmail and other services. We appreciate you being a loyal customer! Type inetcpl.cpl to open Internet Properties window. Under the General tab, and then under Browsing History, click Settings. Under Disk space to use, make sure the disk space is set to 250MB, and under History, make sure the Days to keep pages in history is set to 20. Note: If you don’t want a webpage history kept, set the number of days to 0.

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Dec 17, 2019 · You don't want your internet search history hovering over you forever. Here's how to delete it from Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, and Microsoft Edge. Dec 20, 2013 · had someone used your computer or you and you deleted the history in browsers or u want a new way to find it well this video will show it control panel to admin tool to event viewer to windows log Click on the Sidebar tab, you will see the option for History. Click on it. You will be able to see the sidebar. You can also make use of the shortcut ‘Ctrl + H’ to view this sidebar. Here, you can check the browsing data by date. Internet History Tracking. You can keep a track of Internet data in a number of ways.