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Frame 1 (60 bytes on wire, 60 bytes captured) Spanning 1 0.000000 LinksysG_78:92:b3 Spanning-tree-(for-bridges)_00 STP Conf. Root = 8189/00:d0:00:98:a4:8f Cost = 123 Port = 0x8002 Frame 1 (60 bytes on wire, 60 bytes captured) IEEE 802.3 Ethernet Logical-Link Control Spanning Tree Protocol No. Time Source Destination Protocol Info Spanning Tree Protocol - Wikipedia The Spanning Tree Protocol (STP) is a network protocol that builds a loop-free logical topology for Ethernet networks.The basic function of STP is to prevent bridge loops and the broadcast radiation that results from them. Spanning tree also allows a network design to include backup links providing fault tolerance if an active link fails.. As the name suggests, STP creates a spanning tree that bpdu-destination-mac-address (Spanning Tree) - TechLibrary

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What is spanning tree protocol (STP)? - Definition from Spanning tree protocol (STP) is a Layer 2 network protocol used to prevent looping within a network topology.STP was created to avoid the problems that arise when computers compete for the ability to use the shared telecommunications path on a local area network ().When too many computers try to send at the same time, overall network performance is affected and can bring all traffic to a near HP A-Series Switches - How to Troubleshoot Spanning-Tree Destination: Spanning-tree-(for-bridges)_00 (01:80:c2:00:00:00) Source: H3cTechn_b7:28:0b (38:22:d6:b7:28:0b) Length: 106 Logical-Link Control Spanning Tree Protocol Protocol Identifier: Spanning Tree Protocol (0x0000) Protocol Version Identifier: Multiple Spanning Tree (3) BPDU Type: Rapid/Multiple Spanning Tree (0x02)